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Tobias Reichling (on the left) and Adrian Schütz (on the right) both have studied computer science with main subject media studies at the university of Siegen. The software PicToBrick was developed in the context of their thesis with the title: "Generating mosaics from multicolor raster graphics by optimized interaction of improved and newly developed quantisation and tiling algorithms".

The idea for this thesis and the involved software PicToBrick is a result of Tobias’ longtime hobby LEGO (see Tobias' Internet page concerning his hobby LEGO).

The photo was taken in August 2006 after finishing the first mosaic project "10 DM Schein mit Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß" with Ministeck bricks (38.400 pixels).

Thank you

Different persons and institutions supported our project very kindly. Sincere thanks are given to all of them:

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